Our  Products


Designed for high-load applications where ultra-low stretch is required. The heat treatment and polyurethane coating applied increases the rope's abrasion resistance and tensile strength.


Our hydrophobic rope is highly-resistant to UV and most chemicals, as well as much safer than classic steel wire.


Can be used as a synthetic winch drum grip, due to its ultra lightweight, braided construction. Resistant to kinking and low creep.

Factory Production

Our CCS authorised factory specialises in R&D and production of high-performance fibre rope products.

Manufactured from original raw material from the Netherlands, our rope is braided on rope braiding machines that are capable of producing rope diameters from 0.1-120mm, and come from world-leading suppliers including Roblon and Herzog.

Quality control is carried out using German Instron testing equipment, and our system conforms to IS9001 standard.

Technical Specifications

  • Stealth Fibre ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene
  • 32 cN/dtex tenacity
  • 3.5% elongation at break
  • 0.98g/cm density
  • Core: 12 strand single braid heatset UHMwPE yarn
  • ISO 10325:2009 compliant (for more options, get in touch)
  • Custom colours available
  • Protective cover braid
  • Larger diameters
  • Proof loading with a certificate

...and we do the big stuff too

up to 1100 tonnes B/S!